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About CptsLogs

CptsLogs: Travel with us and be apart of our #WorldExplore. From the Mid East, west across Europe, across the Atlantic and then coast to coast. Follow CptsLogs, and get the pilot's eye view of the world. Experience people, different cultures, food, and more importantly Travel Deals and Discounts. 

"Someone very special to me gave me a book titled 501 Must-Visit Destinations. I must admit when I first received the gift, I didn't realized I was given the gift of life. I've had different types of experiences, was born on an island, immigrated to the United States, been to war and back, but I can honestly say I never really understood what it meant to live. ​Traveling really opens up your eyes to the truth, to reality and allows you to see outside your bubble. "

"I currently fly as a Captain for one of the U.S. Carriers. Please Join me on a life long itinerary starting with the 501 Must-Visit Destinations. Journey with me and learn to navigate the world. The best ways to book your flights, hotels, restaurants, most efficient routes, and much more." 


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