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A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Last Frontier.

Traveling to Alaska in the Covid-19 era, the new unknown.

CptsLogs: The world has never seemed so far out of reach, for most people, that is. It’s almost as if we’ve lost something we didn’t even know we had. For most of us, it seems we’ve lost more than just freedom; we’ve lost our way of life. We’re required to wear face masks just to talk to our neighbors or visit the grocery store, swap handshakes for elbow touches, and run away from anyone who makes any sound close to a cough. These are definitely weird times, but even though it seems this virus just won’t go away, these moments of downtime have allowed me to take a greater look at what really deserves my attention. After being quarantined in a hotel room, on an island surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and waters for five straight days—not to mention eating nothing but Churches Chicken, Subway, and Peter Piper Pizza—to me, the world is now synonymous with forbidden fruit.

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Continuing my #WorldExplorer, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit Alaska, “the last frontier.” Previously, the most northern location I had visited was Canada, so I felt very privileged to experience Alaska.

Words cannot describe the beauty this great state has to offer. It is as beautiful from above as it is from below. It’s a like a breath of fresh air. I’ve never enjoyed being able to walk freely, in open space, next to running rivers and lakes with clean light blue water. Listening to the wind blow through the trees while staring up at the snow-tipped mountains that cast shadows in the distance, my mind doesn’t seem to wander because what I see is true and pure, without any enhancement needed. A breath of fresh air in the last frontier.

I flew in to Anchorage, a beautiful city. I only had one day for a quick visit, so I rented a car and drove to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. The drive was about sixty minutes

from my hotel, and was filled with non-stop photo opportunities.

The conservation center was simple and straightforward. I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to purchase my ticket and continue the tour without needing to exit my vehicle. Obviously, the Grizzly bears were my favorite; you can’t help wanting to see brown bears when you're in Alaska. If you want to get relatively close to a Grizzly bear, but are only in Anchorage for a short time, visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. You’re guaranteed to see.

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