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Hawaii, Like Never Before.

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Fresh air, clean beaches, boulder waves.

CptsLogs: It was the beginning of April, the year of the new virus. Covid-19, better known as "The Coronavirus." My World Exploring have been taking me east across the Atlantic for the past year, so I was really excited to finally being going west. Flying across the pacific it’s almost a familiar view, but you get a sense of joy knowing you're flying to a happy relaxing place filled with beaches and Piña coladas. Destination! Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Not my first time experiencing paradise! Yes I said it. PARADISE!!! I honestly consider these group of islands paradise on earth.This trip was a bit different this time around. Sitting in the flight deck, we approach the island. There was an unfamiliar feeling in the skies. The Boeing 767 touched down on runway 8L. We soon realized we were the only airline flying that day. The airport was completely empty. Taxiing by parked airplanes with covered engines, we all kept silent and embraced the Erie feeling that sudden overwhelmed the flight deck.

As we approached our gate the rampers guided us in, wearing face mask which recently became the new normal. As soon as we walked off the plane we were stopped, trafficked over to get our temperatures taken in the middle of the airport terminal. Another new normal. 98.7 degrees! So I'm good? I ask. Driving to the hotel was more the same. I'm use to walking out of the Daniel K Inouye International Airport and feeling the warm breezy, comfortable atmosphere of Hawaii. People wearing shorts and unbuttoned shirts rushing to catch their flights home, while others jump on the shuttle to their hotel. This time arpound, no island songs and no “aloha.” On the shuttle to the hotel, all we sensed was the desire for social distancing.

The Hilton village is where I will be staying for the next couple days. At the checking counter we got another briefing on social distancing. Basically the beaches are still open, but no sitting on it, pitching tents, sun bathing, we were allowed to walk on the beach and swim that’s it. Checking in to our room were efficient and fast because it was just a few of us. (By the way if you’re ever staying at the Hilton Village in Honolulu and you need a simple but great room with the best view, ask for room 2103.)

The next morning I walked the beach, the new normal became obviously clear. This was Hawaii like never before, the beaches were basically empty. When I do see one or two people walking or jogging on the beach, they make full effort to stay clear of me. A lady once apologized to me because she believed I thought she was getting too close to me. I didn't venture too far from the hotel area, one reason was because I wasn't sure if I was allowed. But as I continue walking I notice cleaner roads, I could hear wind blowing louder, the waves are boulder, even the air smelled fresher. I can't help thinking this virus that brought every country on the planet to their knees, is mother earth's way of trying replenish her self.

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